Install PLEX Multimedia Software on ITE2 NAS

Last time we introduced PLEX

(For more information, please refer to: PLEX Software – Combination of Multimedia Server and Player!).

In this post, let’s take a look at how to install PLEX in ITE2 NAS and how to access audio and video files in the NAS!

In this example, we prepared the 2-Bays NAS model: NE-201. With the built-in Windows 10 IoT Enterprise OS, NE-201 can be regarded as a convenient lightweight desktop PC and quickly get all the required programs.

So, let’s begin to enjoy the convenience of the Windows 10 OS now!

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PLEX Software – Combination of Multimedia Server and Player!

PLEX Software – For most users, after they saved important photos, music or video data into NAS.

The most important thing is how to browse, play and share those files to various device platforms easily and quickly!

So a wide variety of media players have emerged.

Remember the media player KODI (XBMC) that was introduced last time?

*Please refer to post: KODI application in Windows 10 NAS*

PLEX Software – Combination of Multimedia Server and Player!

Today, let’s introduce another media player that is also popular between multimedia users and has a connection with KODI: PLEX

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SO-801R-RP 8-BAY NAS is coming out to the market!

SO-801R-RP Rack Mounted 8-BAY NAS is coming out to the market!

Dear all the entrepreneur friends! The waiting is over.

ITE2 Technology SO-801R-RP Rack Mounted Windows 10 NAS highly standard storage solution will be coming out to the market and available in 2019.

If you are interested in rack-mounted storage products, follow our official website or Facebook for more product information!

So, let’s see some introduction of functions and specifications for SO-801R-RP first!

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Easy Backup Choice – ITE2 NE-201

What product can be your easy backup choice? Let’s welcome ITE2 NE-201! ITE2 NAS NE-201, adopt Windows 10 OS. NE-201 not only can back up your other computer and mobile phone files but also can be your standard computer.

NE-201’s simplify design can improve your decoration taste, and it also provide multiple applications and stabilize reading and writing efficacy.

A necessary product for every user that need to back up!

Easy Backup Choice – ITE2 NE-201

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