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Windows 10 NAS – Micro Blog Application

ITE2 Technology all NAS products have Micro Blog Application in its File Management platform.

Micro Blog Application let each account has a platform to leave a message or share information, not just a single [Account], [Password], and [Log in the] icon on the login page.

Micro Blog Application can be widely useful, except for personal use; it can also be applied in business.

Please see the following post for more Micro Blog introduction.

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[Windows 10 NAS] File Management – Sort

File Management – Sort function introduction

In Windows 10 NAS – PDM version, it has added [Sort by] and [Display number] function in [File Management] page.

The sorting function can be in ascending order or descending order by [Modified Date], [Type]. [Size], [File Name]. In the [File Management] page, it can also display file number in 10, 25, 50, 75, 100.

For more information, please see the following operation introduction.

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[ Windows 10 NAS ] ITE2 Center Backup Introduction

ITE2 Center backup function can help you back up the files in your computer to the network drive or ITE2 NAS, and you can set up immediate backup mode or scheduled backup mode to perform differential file backup.

To maximize the backup function with the least amount of capacity. ITE2 Center will be the most comfortable and most convenient solution for your information safe.

For the operation of ITE2 Center backup, please refer to the following video introduction!

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